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5 Ways to boost up your online sales

In this era of internet and technology, the most attention grabbing feature change in the perception of the people towards online shopping of products and services. Nowadays most of the people prefer online shopping (products and services) instead of Offline mode, because of the comfort and large options available on the internet.

There are lots of sellers and e-commerce sites bubbling up, hence in order to reduce the drop in the purchase funnel, and increase online sales, it is important for them to follow certain marketing strategies and improve the online shopping experience of their customers to a new level.

We will discuss about certain marketing tactics that a seller or an e-commerce company can adopt to increase their online sales:


  1. Use a combination of online marketing tactics to make it easy for customers to find your website. In Online marketing domain– search engines and other online referrals, including social media, play a big role. This leads to increased conversion rates by a large number that would automatically reflect in the sales.


  1. Create, support or join communities & social networks related to your products or related to issues that your product addresses. For e.g. Aspirin manufacturer Bayers is involved as a sponsor of the Strong at Heart community on Facebook.


  1. Go where your customers are; these days social networks command a considerable amount of traffic in the internet space. Hence, promote your products and sites via Facebook ads and check-in coupons, tweeting time-limited deals to their followers and offering promotions on their Facebook walls. It is an assured method to increase sales. eg. hostgator—a leading provider of web hosting and reseller hosting has promoted aggressively on twitter and facebook and as a result has increased its market value.


  1. Business profile pages on services of Google Places, Google plus, Bing Business Portal have created a good impact on the internet users, searching for any product or company. Therefore create your business profile pages on Google Plus and similar other services to highlight your products and the company in search results and on location-based social networking services. Moreover, include your physical address, phone number, URL and hours of operation in addition to the business name. If possible, follow E-mail campaigns,as its widely used technique to attract new customers and draw previous customers back to your website.


  1. And of course, the best and the most effective way to increase visitors, is to cross-promote like crazy. From making your URL visible to large audience by printing the store URL on all brochures, catalogs, shipping boxes, packing material, shopping bags, posters, delivery trucks, and postcard notices to promoting your URL in the trade shows, conferences and meetings.


We hope the above mentioned marketing tricks would render some information and knowledge to the sellers and owners of shopping portals. Please visit our blog for more information on these intellectually stimulating topics.

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