Pixpert Retail Case Study

How ‘Kraasa’ Turned on E-Commerce Market and Built an 1200 orders per Day Ecommerce Business


The Customer

A Delhi based footwear company – New Entrant

The Requirement
The company requires the photographs to be shooting & edited in a certain predetermined way and is particularly meticulous about including some fine marketing content for its brand with reference to current marketing trends.
With stiff competition around the e-commerce market due to high profitability and low investments retailers and marketers keeps on searching new ways to get ahead of the peers and grab good share of the market. ‘Kraasa’ was well aware of this fact and to emerge as a new entrant among the existing big players it needs the right marketing and promotional strategy to effectively positioned it’s brand among the large online marketplaces. Here comes ‘Pixpert’ when they reached us to get a perfect marketing and display strategies, Pixpert has always been in the forefront of the innovative and out-of-box marketing design and e-commerce photography which helps the brand ‘Kraasa’ to penetrate easily in the market with high brand presence and good looking graphics and product photos which helps it to achieve the quick brand positioning while obtaining a great brand value in a very short period of time.

The Solution
We have the requisite know–how in the arena of high end photo retouch services and effective content marketing designs, which enabled us to cater to the requirements of ecommerce Retailers, portrait studios, and real estate agencies. Our imaging professionals are proficient in using different software such as Adobe Photoshop suite, among others. We also have a stringent quality control process in place.

Product photo retouch involves many more technical issues than giving a different angle to inanimate objects that are meticulously placed with different alignment and are positioned with several hidden supports. We take care of all those technical aspects with a creative edge.

Ranging from cleaning any ink overspray and the label residue to erasing mint and dust spots from the pictures with perfect studio lighting that avoids any glaze or a reflection, our team glides through them all with ease. Equipped with an expert team, our senior photo artists have an exposure of over 10 years in the creative field of retail product photo editing. All angles and edges best suited to the product are easily identified by them. The passion, coupled with zest and knowledge, will not only give the products the desired beneficial look, but will have a touch of creativity and competition. Customers will have the perfect visual they require to confirm their purchase.

We have provided the company with high quality digital photo imaging. Taking care of all its brand image need, pixels for high end quality images and with the necessary color and sharpness calibration techniques, we created high quality pictures suiting the brand need to list the products on desired marketplace. Our creative expertise at cut-outs, image manipulations and color retouching, enables us in giving a dramatic feel to the photos.

Apart from placing it’s stunning images on the marketplaces we have helped it to boost the sales rate with our innovative and perfect content marketing strategies to make it popular and trending all over the social platforms where our team of highly skilled and creative designers always keeps an eye on the market status and accordingly promote the brand with high definition graphics and right content keeping the taste of current market and target groups. Each and every product has been exhibited with nice presentation and perfect advertising contents to showcase on the marketplace.

All this endeavors had helped the brand to achieve the greater milestones in the field of e-commerce business in the form of useful reviews and highest number of likes on the facebook pages and trending walk-talks over the twitter pages.

Now, we have in conjugation with constant agreement with him of his entire product photo editing requirements.

Customer Benefits
The key features of our service that made a difference to our customer were:
• We provided the company with attractive imageries and promotional designs.
• We provided it the effective contents which truly reflect the brand value and image.
• We provided the highly professional services in quick turnarounds to achieve quick brand positioning.
• We enabled its brand to achieve an unbelievable score of 1200 no’s of orders per day.
• We enabled the brand to mark its presence on every social platforms which helped it to reach the high customer base with large reviews and thereby making it a popular brand among the new consumers.
• We enabled its inventory to clear fast by quick product order processing with achieving a remarkable sells of around 10000+ units for most of the products.

Kraasa Success Graph

Pixpert is a family of super happy clients and professionally managed creative team which believes to include and treat every client as a family member and not just as a customer. Now ‘Krassa’ is one of our prestige partner and we continue to bring every assignment given to us by the client to quick and fruitful completion. It would also be pertinent to say that we have yet another very satisfied and steady customer!


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