Frame idea

Why framing your ideas under a campaign is important. Find out why?

These are some of the samples of campaign that we come across every day. As there is a shift in the thought process of the people, the theme of presenting messages in the form of banners and posters via the campaigns has changed. Innovative ideas and out-of-the- box approach are some of the keywords that the companies and organizations should think of to create a positive impact on their customers.

There are varieties of campaigns circulating in the market to raise awareness about a product, to draft a new policy, to raise funds to change perceptions about an organization or society. It’s quite impossible to go anywhere these days, without stacked with banners, posters reflecting the messages encouraging us to do something.

In this customer-centric world, the success and sales are defined by the number of eyeballs that you can grab through your medium. In order to increase the effectiveness of your campaign and make it a success, you need to brainstorm on several ideas and thoughts and put sufficient time and effort into planning what you want to establish or what are going to do and why you are going to do it?

So the big question is ‘How can an organization expect to create a campaign that stands out in spite of so many campaigns in the market?’ Often, a simple and a classic idea can be just the thing because ideas create wonders.

For e.g. if you are an online seller looking to promote a mega sale via a campaign, then brainstorming on ideas about the campaign can be really effective to make it a success. The first and foremost thing for a successful campaign is the external factors. By considering several external factors, a seller can predict the market conditions and can consider the bet of the competitor, and what type of response one might get due to the existing market conditions.

Based on the above factors, the seller can decide the fate of the campaign by using the right words, right banner, and right positioning in the market. The best example for the above situation is Flipkart—a giant e-commerce website. It had launched the Big Billion Day campaign with a perfection that led to the sales of around 600 Crore in 10 hours. This reflects the power of effective campaigning.




Effective campaigning is all about using the minimum amount of effort to achieve the maximum output. Hence, a seller can analyze the four stages of good campaigning i.e. analysis, planning, action, impact.  And by working on each of its stages, a seller can think about brilliant ideas, their available resources and can execute a dream of achieving their target with highly effective campaigning.

We hope we have transmitted our message in a clear and concise manner. If you have any suggestions and feedback regarding the same, we would be happy to acknowledge that. For more exciting branding techniques, keep following us.

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Brand message

How important is to communicate the brand message clearly

Since brand value, corporate developments have become a buzz word these days; so it would be really interesting to discuss the importance of brand communication and its positive results. So speaking about communication, basically it is the element of expression used in everyday life to establish a connection between different people, be it personal or professional. Similarly, in the corporate world there is a term used to describe the exchange of ideas, thoughts and vision with the customers through the brand known as brand communication.

Brand Communication happens when the consumer meets the brand through advertising, marketing, editorial mentions, by sponsorships, over the supermarket shelves etc. hence these platform acts as the mode of communication with the customer, which can be used to revitalize the brand value. The brand value of the company can be increased considerably, if the company becomes successful in creating the need to involve and engage the customers for a positive experience. Further, the need to effect behavior of the customers in terms of the company and its products is also crucial, as it can lead to high payback and higher conversion rates in terms of sales.

Brand communication is just a reflection of strategy. It is an element to build a positive perception of the customer towards the product and can be used to build an emotional connection, because customers will either think rationally or emotionally about your product or service; and if you build a emotional connection then it’s surely going to pay off.

Thus, find a way to connect to your customers on a deeper and emotional level. Ponder over the questions such as, Do you give them peace of mind and make them feel like part of the family? Do you make their life easier? How else do you explain the person who paid thousands of rupees buying a product on Flipkart rather than buying the same product on E-bay with equal specifications? There was an emotional voice in there somewhere, whispering “Every wish fulfilled” from flipkart that turned the customer towards it. It’s the way the brand makes you feel emotional. You feel like you belong to a larger group that’s selling more than the products, hence making a life-long connection with the company.



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How your online store can attract more buyers?

Simply launching a website with flurry of products or simply blasting your website URL to uninterested parties is not going to work because no one is paying attention!

Attracting buyers or customers is not an easy child’s play; as it requires certain blend of marketing strategies and social connection. If we talk about marketing your business on social media, it can promise a good return, but simply posting your online store URL on Twitter or Facebook is not going to get you customers.

Creating a connection with your customers is a valuable asset that can create a long lasting effect. This is because the customers don’t necessarily shop at your store because of your products per se, but because you have created a connection. They want to buy from your store because of the personal touch and aura of your products.

Since the buyers or the customers are looking for unique products and excellent user interface, hence in order to maintain uniqueness in the user interface and the products of the website, it’s advised to update your website regularly. This will not only attract new customers, but also maintain a good relationship with the existing customers.

A blog is an exciting medium of communication to provide information and engage customers in their required field of interest. So just putting your thoughts concisely in the articles that fascinates you will help you in attracting more customers and keep your one time visitors coming back. For e.g., if you are a proud owner of a retail clothing business, then an article like ‘5 Must-Have Fashion Trends for Fall’ is a good option to engage and interact with your customers.

In addition to the interactive words, a blog can also help your website to rank in top search on google web pages (with the help of SEO), if you use proper defined keywords, thus pulling a large number of online visitors to your webpage, hence increasing your sales indirectly.

Secondly in order to supplement the site visits, invest in professional writing and web design. Quality professional services will improve the relevance and authenticity of your website and will make it more appealing to the visitors, both of which can help you generate higher traffic volume without any constraints.

And most importantly, promote your business or website passionately through local news websites, ad banners, website-related blogs, consumer forums & online communities. These platforms will act as a great source in providing you the much needed niche in the market leading to increase in the consumer base.

The above discussed methods are proven online marketing strategies that have yielded a great return to the sellers. We hope these tactics will prove to be fruitful for the readers cum sellers to achieve their targets to attract more buyers. Keep reading these blogs for valuable insights on Online marketing in future.

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5ways BG

5 Ways to boost up your online sales

In this era of internet and technology, the most attention grabbing feature change in the perception of the people towards online shopping of products and services. Nowadays most of the people prefer online shopping (products and services) instead of Offline mode, because of the comfort and large options available on the internet.

There are lots of sellers and e-commerce sites bubbling up, hence in order to reduce the drop in the purchase funnel, and increase online sales, it is important for them to follow certain marketing strategies and improve the online shopping experience of their customers to a new level.

We will discuss about certain marketing tactics that a seller or an e-commerce company can adopt to increase their online sales:


  1. Use a combination of online marketing tactics to make it easy for customers to find your website. In Online marketing domain– search engines and other online referrals, including social media, play a big role. This leads to increased conversion rates by a large number that would automatically reflect in the sales.


  1. Create, support or join communities & social networks related to your products or related to issues that your product addresses. For e.g. Aspirin manufacturer Bayers is involved as a sponsor of the Strong at Heart community on Facebook.


  1. Go where your customers are; these days social networks command a considerable amount of traffic in the internet space. Hence, promote your products and sites via Facebook ads and check-in coupons, tweeting time-limited deals to their followers and offering promotions on their Facebook walls. It is an assured method to increase sales. eg. hostgator—a leading provider of web hosting and reseller hosting has promoted aggressively on twitter and facebook and as a result has increased its market value.


  1. Business profile pages on services of Google Places, Google plus, Bing Business Portal have created a good impact on the internet users, searching for any product or company. Therefore create your business profile pages on Google Plus and similar other services to highlight your products and the company in search results and on location-based social networking services. Moreover, include your physical address, phone number, URL and hours of operation in addition to the business name. If possible, follow E-mail campaigns,as its widely used technique to attract new customers and draw previous customers back to your website.


  1. And of course, the best and the most effective way to increase visitors, is to cross-promote like crazy. From making your URL visible to large audience by printing the store URL on all brochures, catalogs, shipping boxes, packing material, shopping bags, posters, delivery trucks, and postcard notices to promoting your URL in the trade shows, conferences and meetings.


We hope the above mentioned marketing tricks would render some information and knowledge to the sellers and owners of shopping portals. Please visit our blog for more information on these intellectually stimulating topics.

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How important is making a brand in the online space?

A radical switch in the customers’ behavior from Offline shopping to online shopping has changed the dynamics in which the business is done. Online space or the internet space offers a vast ocean of opportunities and information for the customers that attracts them to explore several features of the product in a comprehensive manner.  From a corporate point of view, branding on online space creates a long-lasting effect on the brand in terms of promotional marketing and hitting the sales pitch right. Further, It gives a valuable paltform to the company to establish a direct contact with its customers through the social media, which increases the market presence significantly.

Therefore, if you’re doing commerce on the Internet, be it direct sales of information or merchandise or several   promotions to gain customers for your services, then creation of a brand does matter. So the question is not “is branding necessary on the web?” The question is “how brand creation can help you?”

Creating a brand in the internet space has its own series of benefits. A brand usually depicts a symbol of uniqueness, which is important in several ways. The more unique and the more creative the brand is; the more number of visitors it will command resulting in the mass awareness and hence impacting the sales statistics in a positive way.

Creation of brand is an invitation to develop a relationship with the target audience and reach your targets. Since the advent of social bookmarking and networking sites, Relationship building on the internet has become a buzzword. Through blogging and feeds, many websites stand out as branded sites where engaging content compels people to return again and again. For e.g. Paytm has marketed its brand via blogs and feeds which has boosted its total visits and made it as one of the best brands for the recharge and shopping.


Moreover, making a brand is also an indication of relevance to the target markets, as it states the unique value proposition to consumers in a quick, clear and strong manner. It also signifies a promise of benefits that brand has to offer. If that promise is a benefit, and is creditable and the offer is affordable, then sales are likely to hit a new horizon of success.

For e.g. Flipkart has recreated its brand image with a promise of fulfilling the wishes of its customers. And to much extent the company has achieved their goal of fulfilling the wishes of its customers, thus hitting the record sales in numbers.

So if you want your company to be searched on Google, yahoo and Bing, then creating a unique space of your brand in the online space will fulfill your demands and make you an established player in the market.

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