Certainly in web design! Flat colors are in Demand, Find out why?

Certainly in web designing industry, the most fundamental thing that the designers look for is to keep the elements with sharp and clean lines that result in maintaining a minimalistic look. This is because this look reflects neatness, quality, and a sense of perfection. For this, usage of flat colour is done in website designing to increase its quality and sharpness.

Now, the bigger question that most people ask is like most new trends, why we should use flat colour and design when it comes to our design projects, especially when more decorative, 3D elements have taken such a dominant role within technology?

The reason behind this question is that by adopting a flat design, you can take a step in different direction since it’s a refreshing direction for the design community, whether you are for the trend or against it.Flat colours and design has its own share of taste features a classic flat design. In this type, there is no depth, no gradients and no shadows to any element. Moreover, they appear to be entirely integrated into the background.  For e.g. Windows 8 User interface (from Microsoft) is a very good example of this approach.

Since flat colour and design often includes fewer effects like shadows, gradients and other filters, therefore it requires less amount of care when transforming a design straight from Photoshop, Sketch (or any other graphic design) software into HTML/CSS layouts. Further, the flat design is focused on the content. It heavily depends on great typography and often uses a broader colour palette to increase contrast between different areas and interactive elements and hence in turn we have to deal less with image assets, such as background textures.

Having a well organized design file without a wide variety of layer masks, layer styles and colour filters is pure gold as it dramatically speeds up the workflow of exporting assets and transforming layer styles into CSS. These technical features make the use of flat color a better and preferred option for the website developers.

If we look into different high quality websites such as Homeaway, Airbnb etc, probably we can notice these websites have adopted a simpler approach to give a refreshing look to their website. Moreover, more and more designers are embracing the trend and implementing the design in their personal portfolios, mobile navigation menus, design agency websites, and in so many other areas to mostly positive reception.


Overall, the perception on the Flat colour for the website design is a great idea, provided the website designer is imaginative to bring out the best from the colours and reflect the best view of the interface that he/she is aiming to design.

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