Pixpert Retail Case Study

How ‘Kraasa’ Turned on E-Commerce Market and Built an 1200 orders per Day Ecommerce Business


The Customer

A Delhi based footwear company – New Entrant

The Requirement
The company requires the photographs to be shooting & edited in a certain predetermined way and is particularly meticulous about including some fine marketing content for its brand with reference to current marketing trends.
With stiff competition around the e-commerce market due to high profitability and low investments retailers and marketers keeps on searching new ways to get ahead of the peers and grab good share of the market. ‘Kraasa’ was well aware of this fact and to emerge as a new entrant among the existing big players it needs the right marketing and promotional strategy to effectively positioned it’s brand among the large online marketplaces. Here comes ‘Pixpert’ when they reached us to get a perfect marketing and display strategies, Pixpert has always been in the forefront of the innovative and out-of-box marketing design and e-commerce photography which helps the brand ‘Kraasa’ to penetrate easily in the market with high brand presence and good looking graphics and product photos which helps it to achieve the quick brand positioning while obtaining a great brand value in a very short period of time.

The Solution
We have the requisite know–how in the arena of high end photo retouch services and effective content marketing designs, which enabled us to cater to the requirements of ecommerce Retailers, portrait studios, and real estate agencies. Our imaging professionals are proficient in using different software such as Adobe Photoshop suite, among others. We also have a stringent quality control process in place.

Product photo retouch involves many more technical issues than giving a different angle to inanimate objects that are meticulously placed with different alignment and are positioned with several hidden supports. We take care of all those technical aspects with a creative edge.

Ranging from cleaning any ink overspray and the label residue to erasing mint and dust spots from the pictures with perfect studio lighting that avoids any glaze or a reflection, our team glides through them all with ease. Equipped with an expert team, our senior photo artists have an exposure of over 10 years in the creative field of retail product photo editing. All angles and edges best suited to the product are easily identified by them. The passion, coupled with zest and knowledge, will not only give the products the desired beneficial look, but will have a touch of creativity and competition. Customers will have the perfect visual they require to confirm their purchase.

We have provided the company with high quality digital photo imaging. Taking care of all its brand image need, pixels for high end quality images and with the necessary color and sharpness calibration techniques, we created high quality pictures suiting the brand need to list the products on desired marketplace. Our creative expertise at cut-outs, image manipulations and color retouching, enables us in giving a dramatic feel to the photos.

Apart from placing it’s stunning images on the marketplaces we have helped it to boost the sales rate with our innovative and perfect content marketing strategies to make it popular and trending all over the social platforms where our team of highly skilled and creative designers always keeps an eye on the market status and accordingly promote the brand with high definition graphics and right content keeping the taste of current market and target groups. Each and every product has been exhibited with nice presentation and perfect advertising contents to showcase on the marketplace.

All this endeavors had helped the brand to achieve the greater milestones in the field of e-commerce business in the form of useful reviews and highest number of likes on the facebook pages and trending walk-talks over the twitter pages.

Now, we have in conjugation with constant agreement with him of his entire product photo editing requirements.

Customer Benefits
The key features of our service that made a difference to our customer were:
• We provided the company with attractive imageries and promotional designs.
• We provided it the effective contents which truly reflect the brand value and image.
• We provided the highly professional services in quick turnarounds to achieve quick brand positioning.
• We enabled its brand to achieve an unbelievable score of 1200 no’s of orders per day.
• We enabled the brand to mark its presence on every social platforms which helped it to reach the high customer base with large reviews and thereby making it a popular brand among the new consumers.
• We enabled its inventory to clear fast by quick product order processing with achieving a remarkable sells of around 10000+ units for most of the products.

Kraasa Success Graph

Pixpert is a family of super happy clients and professionally managed creative team which believes to include and treat every client as a family member and not just as a customer. Now ‘Krassa’ is one of our prestige partner and we continue to bring every assignment given to us by the client to quick and fruitful completion. It would also be pertinent to say that we have yet another very satisfied and steady customer!


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Perspective Distortion in Real Estate Photography

Perspective Distortion in Real Estate Photography

As potential home buyers spend 60% of their time on reviewing professional photos with appealing online presence and as a desperate real estate photographer you shouldn’t want to lower the price on your property with presenting unprofessional photos with leaning pillars and tilted roofs etc.

According to our observations real-estate listings that use photographs taken by the higher-end SLR cameras favored by photographers and photography enthusiasts, tend to do better than those that use photos from cheaper point-and-shoot cameras.

So with respect to my observations and conversation with many photographers and authors worked on real estate and architectural photography I have come up with a conclusion on what a perspective distortion is and how it can be rectified.

In relation to my real estate photography blog I am presenting with you yet another drastic experience photographers confronted with photographing real estate properties and architectural buildings is none other than a ‘lens distortion’.

Have you ever wondered how the architectural photography you see in magazine and coffee table books avoids the architectural perspective distortion commonly seen as FOBS (Falling-Over Building Syndrome) that plagues most amateur real estate photographs, including the majority of those taken for listing real estate for sale?

Lens distortion is an important factor to be aware of in the photography world. It can make or break your images as artists, depending on the look and feel you are trying to achieve. Here I’ll discuss what distortion is, why it’s good or bad, and how to correct it in post processing if needed.
What is lens distortion?

In a nutshell, it’s when a lens produces curved lines where straight lines should be. It comes up all the time because real estate photographers use wide angle lenses which are famous for two types of distortion:

Barrel distortion & Pincushion distortion.

Lens Distortion

Barrel distortion is where straight lines bend outward from the center of the image.

Wide-angle prime lenses such as a 20mm lens or zoom lenses like my Nikon 24-70mm shot at its wide end typically produce images with barrel distortion because they have a wide field of view. You will most often notice distortion in architectural images where the lines of the buildings bow outward, away from the center of the image. In portraits, it can make subjects look pudgy or large-headed in comparison to the rest of their body.

Pincushion distortion is where straight lines bend or “pinch” inward from the center of the image.

Usually pincushion distortion happens at the telephoto end (ie. 200mm) of a zoom lens such as a 70-200mm lens. It can actually be great for portraits because it can make people look thinner than they are! You will most likely notice pincushion distortion in images with straight lines. The further the lines are away from the center of the image, the more noticeable the distortion will be.

So how do you come up with apparent images by fixing lens distortion?

Most of the time you will realize you have distortion problems until you pull up the images in post processing. You will then find that distortion appears in many images containing windows and door frames. If you train your eye to spot the distortion in-camera, as you shoot, you will save yourself some time fixing it later. Sometimes by simply scooting back or changing the plane of your camera in relation to your subject you can alleviate some distortion. Move higher, lower, to the side, or change your focal length until you have the look you are going for.

Most of the times lens distortion can be corrected to a great extant with keeping this simple things in mind while shooting:

1. Using a special “tilt and shift” lens, which is designed for architectural purposes? However, these lenses are very expensive, and only really make sense if you specialize in this field.
2. Try to avoid shooting buildings or other objects that have clean, straight lines, where the barrel distortion will be obvious. At least try to avoid shooting them with an extreme wide angle lens. Back up if you need to get more of the subject into the image.
3. Keep any straight lines in the image as close to the center of the lens as possible. There will be less distortion toward the middle than there is on the edge.
4. As you shoot an object, take several photos of the same object, using a variety of zoom lens magnification levels. The distortion will likely be less obvious at one zoom level versus another.
5. Though it is typically against better judgement, the compression of a JPG image will sometimes correct the distortion. You may want to consider switching from RAW to see if this helps in your situation.
6. Using good composition and lighting by putting the subject off-center a little, it will add interest to your image. Make sure the subject has good light and that the background isn’t distracting.
7. Lastly, Get closer, have a well-defined and clear subject, include less “stuff”, take wide angle people photos properly, and make conscious decisions about using your wide, or selecting another lens.

If there’s no way to avoid it, and you don’t like the look of distortion in your images, here’s how to fix it in post processing via Lightroom and Photoshop tools.

Under the Develop module, and Lens Corrections tab, check “Enable Profile Corrections” then experiment with choosing either auto, level, vertical, or full. Usually ‘vertical’ make things work.

If you want to fine tune your corrections you can click on the Manual tab under Lens Corrections where you can experiment with the different sliders to get your desired results. Also note, sometimes when making a lot of corrections you will need to re-crop the image because the changes will pull the sides of the image inward. This is also a good reason to shoot in raw…so you have more pixels to work with if you need to crop after fixing distortion.

Using Photoshop CS versions, Under Filter>>Lens Corrections you should see some of the same options as Lightroom where you can auto correct or go under >>Custom to fine tune the images with vertical and horizontal perspective until the image looks upright.

Fixing lens distortion isn’t as difficult as it sounds and you can easily rectify it with correct post processing techniques implemented with right knowledge of tools. When you cannot avoid it, go with your reliable post processing agency or partner to enhance the curvature lines giving a whole new dynamic look in your photograph.

You can always connect with me if you like to discuss on your upcoming real estate photoshoot projects. I am always here to assist you in providing with genuine and pure recommendations to transform your property sites with an outstanding outlook.

I would be happy to include you and your valuable suggestions in my forum and like to be enlightened with your presence too.

Please wait for my next survey report.

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Unrealistic real estate photography is a treachery!

I’ve been writing about real estate photography for years highlighting quality photographers and techniques and shared tools for better Realtor photography for the DIY types.
After my last post on basic things to consider while photographing real estate photos now I have come up with a very common question and point of discussion of unethical real estate photography. After doing a couple of posts on this subject I decided to post this article here with my photography fraternity where I’ve summarized the attitude of commenters on the general subject of photoshopping listing photos.
A photograph is the first impression a potential buyer has of your house, influencing their decision to view it, or continue hunting through the list of potential properties. A will engage more potential buyers than showcase your home for best impact. If they experienced something unusual and distractive from what they had expected to be seen around their selected property, they would not going to be impressed rather they would convert their mind and never opt to your listed properties.
Therefore, a question arise is how far can retouching go before it becomes dishonest and a misrepresentation? The images in question (shown below) show VERY obviously fake PS grass, to the point where it is almost carpet-like and the window view with soothing gardens placed from somewhere else which the buyer would not find when look around physically. Another deceptive act of unethical photography used to be seen during twilight conversions where daytime skies are being replaced with beautiful red sunsets. To make the house looks attractive, they deceit the viewer’s by misleading them towards some artificial scenery. I’ve seen images of some local homes shown with beautiful red skies with the sun setting over the backyard. They look wonderful, but the sun actually never rises or sets in that direction. A prospective buyer may think they are going to enjoy gorgeous evenings sitting on their deck watching the sun go down over their pool, but in fact they will never see it happen because the sun never sets there. Adding clouds is one thing, but adding fake sunset skies? Though a bit of improvements are justifiable keeping in concern of the marketing perspective of real estate agents to pursue the clients towards their listed properties with sky replacements, and slight adjustments (missing light bulbs, hanging TV cables etc) but the former ones just looks way over the top to me.
Real Estate Photographers should not modify images of properties such that the images no longer truthfully and fairly represent that property. In particular permanent physical features of the property should not be modified. On the other hand real estate images are intended for marketing purposes and therefore present the property in the very best way possible. So image enhancements that do not materially change permanent physical characteristics of the house or surrounding environment are considered standard practice. The following is a list of what clarifying examples:
Standard Practice
  • Removing temporary objects like garbage cans, cars etc.
  • Changing image saturation, brightness, contrast or color balance
  • Fixing converging verticals, lens barrel distortion or color fringing
  • Removing refrigerator clutter i.e, the photos, post-it’s etc sellers typically have on refrigerators or removing furniture that is not part of the house.
  • Sky replacement or enhancement
  • Use of ultra-wide-angle lenses
Considered Modification of Permanent Physical Characteristics
  • Removing or modifying power lines, antennas or power poles
  • Modifying any part of the house or landscaping that would not naturally change within a few weeks

Here at ‘Pixpert’ we focus on delivering pure retouching services with realistic photos only. I believe that it is misleading and unrealistic to add in fake window view and sea beaches when there is none, it is unethical, but when done to reflect reality while matching the interior colors, slight weather adjustments, soothing sky view, clear unwanted objects, it is ethical. Keeping such high ethical standards and business values we are considered as one of the most trusting brand among worldwide real estate photography retouch services.

I would be happy to include you and your valuable suggestions in our forum and like to be enlightened with your presence too.
You can always connect with me if you like to discuss on your upcoming real estate photoshoot projects. I would be more than happy to assist you in providing with genuine and pure recommendations to transform your property sites with an outstanding outlook without involving any unrealistic effects.
Please wait for my next survey report.

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Things to consider before clicking real estate photos – Part I

Things to consider before clicking real estate photos

Spring is here with prime time for real estate transactions. In an age when a potential home buyer’s first impression of a property will be the photographs in an online property listing, it is the responsibility of the photographer to take decent photographs that show off the property realistically and clearly.Based on our recent survey on real estate photography with our worldwide photographer clients we have found some basic helpful tips to include in property photo shoot for our real estate photography fraternity. We hope you would be agree with the findings too. We always try to impart the group discussions with photography inheritors to enable them with useful and educated pathways to move around.

Survey Findings: It is apparently true that either the photographer knows about the perfect outlook of the overall picture or we as a creative people who brings out the perfect perspective for spectators because an ordinary viewer would not be aware of the facts of over or under exposed photos, faded colors, dull objects etc. but just willing to see the entire picture with an intention to get complete information in one view to make a confident decision about any property.

With advances in camera technology making their way into affordable compact cameras, real estate agents/photographers has no excuses for bad photography.
And yet…Some agents have the photographic disarray, which they could improvise with focusing on simpler things during photo shoots.
Things to notice:

  1. Avoid smart phone cameras and always try to gear up with professional or compact digital camera which ensures high focal length.
  2. Just try to show the stuff in the best possible light.
  3. Try to compensate the window light streaming, that is the common issue every photographer confront while shooting in daytime hours.
  4. Use a travel tripod. This way you can shoot slower exposures in existing light, which may be too dark for hand-held photography.
Overall the pictures should have the good detail work and adequate information highlighted but without distorting the natural quality of the images and stuff in it.Considering these simple things you won’t require extreme re-touching on your images, if still someone has no sense of composition and failed to get better quality images, do not disappoint find a reliable photo-retouch partner to help you out with bringing up pleasant viewpoints.
Here at Pixpert, we are improvising real estate photos for long as 10 years now and continuously progressing in line with the emerging trends of photography and editing technology to deliver our clients some great retouch photos keeping in mind every hooks and corners of property sites.
We make images saleable. The pictures we create go a long way in convincing the buyers how wonderful a listed property is.
We would be happy to include you and your valuable suggestions in our forum and like to be enlightened with your presence too.
Please wait for our next survey report.

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