Things to consider before clicking real estate photos – Part I

Things to consider before clicking real estate photos

Spring is here with prime time for real estate transactions. In an age when a potential home buyer’s first impression of a property will be the photographs in an online property listing, it is the responsibility of the photographer to take decent photographs that show off the property realistically and clearly.Based on our recent survey on real estate photography with our worldwide photographer clients we have found some basic helpful tips to include in property photo shoot for our real estate photography fraternity. We hope you would be agree with the findings too. We always try to impart the group discussions with photography inheritors to enable them with useful and educated pathways to move around.

Survey Findings: It is apparently true that either the photographer knows about the perfect outlook of the overall picture or we as a creative people who brings out the perfect perspective for spectators because an ordinary viewer would not be aware of the facts of over or under exposed photos, faded colors, dull objects etc. but just willing to see the entire picture with an intention to get complete information in one view to make a confident decision about any property.

With advances in camera technology making their way into affordable compact cameras, real estate agents/photographers has no excuses for bad photography.
And yet…Some agents have the photographic disarray, which they could improvise with focusing on simpler things during photo shoots.
Things to notice:

  1. Avoid smart phone cameras and always try to gear up with professional or compact digital camera which ensures high focal length.
  2. Just try to show the stuff in the best possible light.
  3. Try to compensate the window light streaming, that is the common issue every photographer confront while shooting in daytime hours.
  4. Use a travel tripod. This way you can shoot slower exposures in existing light, which may be too dark for hand-held photography.
Overall the pictures should have the good detail work and adequate information highlighted but without distorting the natural quality of the images and stuff in it.Considering these simple things you won’t require extreme re-touching on your images, if still someone has no sense of composition and failed to get better quality images, do not disappoint find a reliable photo-retouch partner to help you out with bringing up pleasant viewpoints.
Here at Pixpert, we are improvising real estate photos for long as 10 years now and continuously progressing in line with the emerging trends of photography and editing technology to deliver our clients some great retouch photos keeping in mind every hooks and corners of property sites.
We make images saleable. The pictures we create go a long way in convincing the buyers how wonderful a listed property is.
We would be happy to include you and your valuable suggestions in our forum and like to be enlightened with your presence too.
Please wait for our next survey report.

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