A Nicely Clicked Creative Photo or a layout, what is Important to attract your Audience?

The way a brand communicates via a printed message can be as important as what they want to say. A brand may have created the most unique or compelling message possible, but it’s possible that if doesn’t stop readers or if it makes the advertisement difficult to read, it’ll probably lose sales.

So the question is ‘What an advertiser should consider while making an advertisement—a nice layout or a nice Photo?

There is a term called Visual persuasion in marketing. It is an exploration of the uniquely visual aspects of advertising. The advertising world has always relied on powerful Photos to tell a marketing story. Photos are a primary marketing tool. The visual advertisements (via Photo) displayed in TV commercials, magazine advertisements and other forms of advertising often convey meanings that cannot be expressed as well through words or music.

As per the researchers at 3M Corporation, it was concluded that human processes visuals 50,000 times faster than text. Thus, proper usage of the Photos i.e. use of the most attractive Photos to tell the story and use of the appropriate Photo that aligns with the audience to do the work of publicity. This strategy can prove to be a game changer for the brand in terms of lead generation and overall brand value proposition.

While on the other hand, the layout of promotional or advertising material can essentially affect the success of the ad. It’s all a matter of interactive and engaging layout and graphic design, and whether the advert is physical or electronic. Whatever message a brand tries to convey, it will have a higher success rate, if it’s well organized and professional.

Let’s justify the discussion with the help of the advertisements that have created a unique identification for it. For e.g. In 2014,  Ikea Chairs advertisement was brilliantly ideated and executed on the eve of Valentine’s Day ( by BBH Singapore) grabbing the eyeballs of lakhs of people. The Photo simply consisted of two chairs one above the other that created a compelling impact on large audience.


Let’s take another example. E.g.  Oreo biscuit’s brilliant print ad inducing the taste of delicious biscuit. The overall ad was well comprehended with the judicious use of Photo and layout that made it plain but very compelling to attract lakhs of audience.


Overall, to be precise it’s the intelligent and judicious use of Photos and layout that defines the success of any ad. It’s up to the brand manager or the advertiser which option to choose, as both the modes are very effective if utilized properly.

I hope that I’ve presented a balanced view on the Photography topic. It’s very exciting field, and the opportunities are immense. So I hope the advertisers will find it very exciting to implement their imagination into reality and make their product a super success.

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