Is posting anything on social media engages more customer or posting to the point?

Several years down the lane, if we look into the advertising section there wasn’t much to be explored. Companies used to reach their customers via different media formats i.e. newspaper, radio, TV, and billboards etc. But due to the emergence of the social media, it has fundamentally changed the way companies communicate with their customers.

Social media has provided a platform to give birth to the two-way conversation, what earlier used to be a one-way dialogue. Social media has become a great channel, which allows a company to receive feedback (both positive and negative) through which they can use to improve their products and services considerably.

Now the question comes into light that whether the social media postings should be done to the point or should we simply post the content?

For brands to be successful on social media, they should reflect and offer value to their audience. Brief and ‘to the point content’ is the need of the hour, as people don’t have ample time to read useless stuffs leading to their wastage of their time. No-one is going to pay attention to stuffs which is not of their concern on the social media. If you keep advertising yourself, it makes no sense. Therefore, it’s very important for the organizations to post well defined and to the point posts that will not only depict clear message to the audience, but will also help organizations to develop relationships, communications, boost credibility and  invite intellectual conversation with the customers from across the world.

For e.g. if we take example of chobani’s pinterest account, chobani caters to its audience with valuable tips and suggestions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and lead a healthy living. They use their pinterest account as a social platform to share recipes, workouts, inspirational quotes, ideas for setting up the kitchen and many more suggestions with superb assistance.




Use of the social platform as an ongoing source of timely and relevant information in the area of expertise in a curator summarised manner, is what customers are looking for, from their clients.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram are some of the powerful social platforms that promises a vast ocean of opportunities provided the user promotes and posts engaging media content for the customers to promote a two-way conversation and increase the brand craze with optimum effect on the company customers base.

We hope that our contribution can bring about a change in the way you handle social media. Our aim is to educate our readers to exhibit change in their business. We would be happy to receive feedback from our readers if they have any.

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